Do Weights To Get You Dates

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s face it most of us go to the gym so we can look damn sexy! We’ll get the big elephant out of the room, yes we all want to achieve a goal and feel better, but what we all REALLY want is to look SEXY!


Now that we have got that out of the way, i’ll talk about why lifting weights will get you dates! The guys all want bulging biceps and a ripped six pack, the girls all want toned arms, a flat stomach and a nice bum. Solely going to the gym and running on the treadmill and cycling on the bike won’t get you any of that!


Take an old client of mine for example, she came to me with the sole purpose of looking better as she was recently single and wanted to start dating again but wasn’t confident enough with her body. We got her hitting the weights 3 times per week, soon enough she was fitting into dresses and skinny jeans that she hadn’t got into for over a YEAR! Her confidence skyrocketed and so did her sex appeal!


If burning fat and sculpting the perfect body is what you are looking for, get your butt to that weights room, pick up some weights and lift with some intensity.


But why you may ask? Here are some whys….


  1. 1lb of muscle burns around 6.5 calories per hour, 1lb of fat only burns 1.2 calories per hour. Basically muscle is the powerhouse of your metabolism!
  2. Muscles make you look awesome
  3. Muscle takes up less space = getting into that perfect dress or James bond tux will be easier than ever before
  4. Increased strength- more muscle = equals a stronger you
  5. Did I mention they make you look awesome?
  6. Reduced risk of injury – By increasing strength in your muscles you will be increasing the stability of all of your joints


If you aren’t sure on how to train with weights, make sure you contact a professional like Impact Personal Training to make sure you are training as effectively as you could be. We are all time poor nowadays, make sure your time and efforts aren’t wasted!


Rich Gunter

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