The holiday struggle

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the first time in my life I have experienced what it was like to HATE having to get into the gym, yup you heard me, I hated going to the gym…


So last week I was on my holidays and usually I would take this time to stay out of the gym and have a rest week, but as I have a goal to achieve with a deadline I couldn’t afford to take the week out from training.


Getting up early on my holiday seemed insane. I had no drive to get myself ‘in the zone’ and thought as if I was missing out on my holiday by training. It was crazy! I have never felt like that before which got me thinking, this is how most of you who are new to training must feel when you first start out – I get it, I really do!


BUT I kept on going even though I hated it, do you want to know why? (here’s the important part) I have GOALS to achieve and a training partner that I am ACCOUNTABLE to upon my return (plus my girlfriend dragged me out of bed haha) and that my friends is why personal training is so effective.


Yes we will show you how to train efficiently and eat the right foods to achieve your goals but you will also have set goals outlined and will become accountable to your trainer < that right there is the powerful part! I really didn’t want to let anyone down, and knowing what all you guys are like, you wouldn’t either!


It would have been so easy to skip training last week whilst feeling like that, but I am so glad that I didn’t. I have kept on track, my goal is still within reach and I’m now more motivated than ever!


Moral of the story, get your goals very CLEAR in your head and make yourself accountable to someone, even the best of us need a kick up the arse every now and then.


Rich ‘glad to be back’ Gunter

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