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  • You will be working with a personal trainer that uses a proven system that delivers results. See our previous results here. (hyper link to transformations)
  • You will be training within a non-intimidating environment so that you don’t have to worry about on-lookers whilst working out.
  • There is a full team of personal trainers and health professionals all under one roof in our Luton HQ to help you reach your goals.
  • Your personal trainer will provide you with a full nutrition and exercise plan that is simple to follow and will have you feeling great…and quickly!

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Results that speak for themselves


Here at Impact, we specialise in transformations. And whilst it’s not all about the before and after shots? A picture does say a thousand words…

Adam W

Prior to starting with Impact I felt unhealthy. I was worried that I may develop chronic health problems if I didn’t take action. Having worked with Rich before, I didn’t have any of the usual fears about starting. The first few sessions were really hard, as I was so overweight. However…
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I had seen my weight creeping up over the months due to an injury I had previously. I looked in the mirror and new I needed to do something about it. I was struggling with my fitness. My biggest fear when joining Impact was that I was going to fail…
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What we offer


Many of you struggle to stay in shape and find the gym intimidating and boring. At Impact we offer a variety of different services that can help you reach your fitness goals quickly whilst having fun in a welcoming and friendly environment using simple nutrition and exercise systems.

Our services range from 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 personal training that include the bespoke touch and an added layer of accountability or you could opt for our group training service that is more affordable and has a strong community feel.

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Calorie Tracking – What you need to know!

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When it comes to losing weight, gaining weight or even maintaining weight one of the most manageable area’s is calorie tracking. If you haven’t ever tried to track your calories before, or if you have tried but found it complicated or time consuming, over the next 4 days we are going to look at how you can make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

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Rest and recovery

Rest and Recovery

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With many of you having your first or second week back into the gym, your rest and recovery is going to extremely important, and the more you implement now, the better it will be in the long run.

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Obesity: Shhhh we don’t talk bout that!

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Often a taboo subject to talk about without offending people. It shouldn’t be. No matter what way we chalk it up, being obese isn’t good for us. Forget how you look, I don’t care and it’s not a concern of mine (or for anyone else but yourself for that matter), but I do care about your health. After all, that’s why my passion for helping people is in the health and fitness sector.

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