Weight loss Shakes Are Making You FAT

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’ve all seen the adverts, we know someone who has used them or we know a ‘wellness coach’ that sells them (don’t even get me started on the level of knowledge that ISN’T required to sell these products!).


Weight loss shakes are at your disposal and there isn’t anything I can do about that apart from to EDUCATE you as to why they are making you FAT!


Lets start with the so-called quality of these ‘weight loss shakes’. The quality is in-fact poor and that’s an understatement. To give you an example, one particular ‘weight loss’ shake uses a vegetable protein mix as its main source of protein, this is a substandard protein source in comparison to ALL readily available protein shakes. Most shakes will use whey protein, this comes in many forms but ALL forms smash a vegetable protein mix to pieces! A vegetable protein mix will have been used because it’s CHEAP to make. Cheap and good quality don’t belong together, ever!


So now onto the sugar level content sticking with the same ‘weight loss’ product as before. This particular one has a whopping 34.9g of sugar per 100g. Here comes the mind-blowing figures; per 100g of coca cola it has 10.6g of sugar. That’s right, the ‘healthy’ option has THREE TIMES more sugar than Coca Cola per 100g. Absolute madness.


BUT Sharon from down the road has lost weight, so surely it works? It will, TEMPORARILY. Temporarily you will lose some scale weight, replacing your foods with a few shakes a day will yield weight loss (not to be confused with fat loss). That is basic law of thermodynamics. If you aren’t consuming any food you will loose weight. You could have only 3 mars bars a day and lose weight. Is it healthy? No. Is it maintainable? No.


What happens when Sharon stops with her ‘weight loss shakes’ and goes back to her old eating habits? WEIGHT GAIN, that’s what. I’m pretty sure this is familiar with lots of you reading this. Why wouldn’t you expect to gain weight? You are now back to eating the same foods that made you gain weight in the first place. Without a change in lifestyle and habits, nothing will change.


So what’s the solution? You need to educate yourself on what to eat and WHY. Whether this is from research carried out by you or by using a service like Impact where we take immense pride in the education of our clients so that they achieve QUICK results that last a LIFETIME.


You can rest assured that no-one here at Impact will ever sell their soul to make a quick buck by selling these BS products to our clients.


BONUS TIP: There is no magic pill for weight loss. Stop looking for it right now. Take some responsibility for yourself, take action so that you finally start achieving the body you always wanted.


Rich ‘here to help’ Gunter

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