A journey with Impact, weeks 10 -12

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o this is Blog 10 but it actually covers weeks 11 and 12 as I have been away on holiday (I know I know, who said I could enjoy some time out ☺ )


Just to backtrack a little Ross has lost over 3 stone now on his fat loss journey with Impact personal training but over the last 3 weeks Ross’ weight has gone up by 1lb, dropped back a pound and now back down 1 pound. This is what I would call Ross’ first plateau, its not uncommon to see this, but what we are going to do is smash this plateau to pieces!!
There are two ways in which we can break this plateau, increase training volume (frequency of sessions) or tighten up his nutrition. From the start of this journey with Ross, we didn’t need to do any fancy structure for his nutrition of fancy training regimes, the basics are plenty good enough for a solid foundation.

There were no calorie goals set, only guidelines for what Ross should and shouldn’t be eating. I usually ask all clients to track there food intake from the very beginning, but I know this wouldn’t have been feasible with Ross to begin with, this is where each person that comes to see us here for personal training gets a bespoke service – what would work for one, would not necessarily work for an other.

So how are we going to bust this plateau? I have decided for the next two weeks we will increase Ross’ training frequency, which will increase energy expenditure, thus creating a greater calorie deficit. I am also asking Ross to track his food from now as his mindset is completely different to when he first started with us here at Impact and I know he will be compliant. This will enable me to make informed and educated decisions as to what the right course of action will be for his nutrition when it comes to smashing the next plateau.
Most dieters become obsessed with the weight coming off and consequently get on the scales every morning and want to see results every single day. It’s not going to happen.

Its important to remember it could have taken years to put on the weight so its not going to be a quick thing to undo. How many times have you heard ‘its so easy to put on weight but really hard to get it off’. Healthy fat loss is not something that will happen over night, it is damn hard and discipline is a must but lets be honest, IT IS possible. Stay consistent, speak to a professional and stay positive!
At Impact Personal Training we monitor progress in various ways, we take measurements of you, before photos and also use calipers to measure body fat at 7 key points of the body. As I mentioned everyone is different so the things I have just mentioned enables us to see where and how you are improving.

That’s a quick update on Ross’ progress over the last few weeks, next week we are re-doing all measurements so I’m pretty excited to see how many centimeters Ross has lost since he started!

The hustle and bustle of summer is now over, if you weren’t happy with your beach body this year, NOW is the time to start getting ready for next year!!



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