A journey with Impact, Week 9.

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]eferring back to last week you will remember Ross reached a milestone weigh in for his fat loss journey of an incredible 3 stone in 8 weeks.


Normally I would give you some hints and tips about how we did this with various weight training program’s or what food he consumed etc or post a video of Ross in the gym and I will come back to them in future blogs as the journey continues but I wanted to take some time out this week and just talk about what this is actually doing for Ross as a person and this is my job satisfaction as a personal trainer.

Ross is undoubtedly in the zone right now and in his own words “isn’t stopping for anything”. Why on earth would he stop? He is seeing amazing results week in and week out. But aside from the scales what’s it actually doing for him?

He has told me he’s literally springing out of bed in the morning (not remembering he’s a lot lighter than be used to be) with a vitality for life and a lot more energy and enthusiasm than he could ever imagine. Ross used to routinely be the stay up until the very early hours of the morning type guy and consequently wake up half way through the day as a result. Now sometimes he’s in bed by 9-10pm and getting up at 7-8am.

He is now regularly receiving flattering comments from friends and more importantly women. Ross previously stayed away from Facebook but guess what you can’t stop him from taking selfies and posting them up now! We’ve all noticed at Impact personal training that he’s such a happier person and instead of being Ross with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he’s always smiling and chirpy.

Not only has Ross lost a lot of fat, become a much more positive person, but one thing I have really noticed as have others is the condition of Ross’ skin, it used to be very red and sore especially noticeable on his face – it has vastly improved as a result of healthy eating and drinking enough water. I do genuinely believe that this program couldn’t have come at a better time for Ross and I am genuinely proud to be training him. Well done!



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