A journey with Impact, week 13.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are a regular reader of Ross’ journey with us here at Impact personal training, you will recall that last week we mentioned that Ross had hit his first plateau in fat loss.

I had decided to break this plateau with an increase of volume of training. So last week, I got Ross on his previously scheduled training days to train twice, AM and PM. One session would be a steady state cardio exercise such as the bike or rowing machine and the second session would be a resistance session.

BINGO, it’s done the job that we had intended to, another 4lb loss this week and the plateau has been broken. We are keeping the volume high again this week but will be reverting back to the usual 3-4 sessions the following week as Ross’ body will not be able to cope with this intensity for long periods of time. So a week of lower volume will do his body wonders. We may go back to high volume again, but this will depend on how Ross is feeling mentally and physically.

I really have to hand it to Ross; he really got stuck in to his training this week and as always I genuinely cant fault his commitment. It’s becoming very apparent that this has become a whole new lifestyle for him and that he is 100% committed to achieving his goals. What’s really great is that a lot of our clients here at Impact are seeing Ross here a lot and becoming even more inspired by his journey. Ross is now talking to pretty much every person he comes across at the facility and encouraging them keep at it and to stay focused – Motivation here at Impact for all of our personal training clients is through the roof – this is why I love the job I do.

So I mentioned that I was going to be taking Ross’ measurements last week, well we did and……WOW! Since we started, Ross has lost over half a meter in his circumferences over his body! Really incredibly pleased for him, We also took some progress pictures, that are also very good, but you will have to wait to see them 😛 trust me they are worth the wait!

So its business as usual for Ross this week, Double sessions and good solid nutrition!

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If you’re inspired to do what Ross is doing keep an eye out for our amazing competition we will be running in the Herald and Post and the Luton News as of next week!!



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