A Journey with Impact, Week 3

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]onday as those of you who have been following the blog is the official weigh day. I was training another client in the gym when Ross arrived to train but I instantly knew he was pleased by the grin on his face when he walked into the PT area of Impact gym.

We then went for the official weigh in together….another 7lbs off.

We’ve had a few people message us at Impact Personal Training about what diet Ross is on. The truth is, Ross is, and never will be on a ‘diet’. We don’t believe in the word diet here a Impact, we like to instil a healthy lifestyle and habits. At the start of any fat loss program, all you have to do is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! There is no need for crazy dieting techniques, just eat whole, single ingredient foods, drink lots of water and exercise. This alone will yield good results. Have a look on the back of the food you are buying; is there more than one ingredient? Yes? Put it back and choose something else, processed food is NOT good for you. Using this method will cut down any chemicals and ‘nasties’ that will inhibit fat loss and it will naturally reduce your sugar intake.

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I know I mentioned this last week, but I’m really impressed with Ross’ continued effort, he really doesn’t shy away from hard work in or out of the gym. I get the occasional text or call from him asking if he should or shouldn’t eat something (thats what we’re here for, right?), but ross is genuinely getting to grips with what makes him feel good and what doesn’t. That in itself is a very powerful tool to learn and will help him much more in the long term.

Ross says he feels the best he has for years and after some tough times of late is rapidly turning into such a positive person. I can’t wait to continue this journey with him.



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