A journey with Impact, Week 2.

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust a quick update on Ross…

We have been continuing the program as originally set out. I have to say his commitment to training has been excellent and I genuinely couldn’t ask for a better work ethic. This week his sessions comprised of 3 weight-training sessions (still using the PHA method mentioned in blog 1), one of which finished with some high intensity interval training (HIIT) on the Watt bike to help fire up his metabolism to aid fat loss.


After losing an incredible 12lbs in his first week, as predicted this week the scales remained the same. This is a common occurrence at the beginning of any fat loss journey and a true stumbling block for many as it is psychologically disheartening and where many people give up as they have been trying so hard and focus solely on scale weight. This ‘plateau’ on the scales is down to your body balancing itself out, water levels and muscle glycogen levels will be all over the place for the first week or two until they balance themselves out. I educated Ross in the reasoning behind this and then took some circumference measurements, which were all considerably down as shown below.


Waste circumference:  3 cm loss

Hip Circumference:  4 cm loss

Arm Circumference:  3.7 cm loss

Thigh Circumference:  1.5 cm loss


Remember folks; the journey (for most) is based on appearance. Don’t get hooked up on the scale weight. Take pictures, circumference measurements and weight. All of these are powerful tools to help you monitor progress. I can guarantee that Ross’ numbers on the scales will have dropped again by the next weigh in.

I took a moment to ask Ross how he had been feeling since he had started his training plans and new lifestyle changes, Ross said that “his sleeping has dramatically improved and he feels like he has a lot more energy than ever before, along with much clearer skin”. This highlights just a few of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

It is also Ross’ birthday today, last night he enjoyed a family meal out, which can be daunting when someone starts a new fat loss journey. Ross easily made the ‘right’ (still very tasty) choices from the menu to stick within his new plan. For his main, he had steak and vegetables and chose a fruit salad for dessert (with obligatory sparkler in, of course). Happy birthday mate!!




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