A journey with Impact, Week 7.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he dreaded week for any new trainee on there fat loss journey, the scales go up! Just like anybody else Ross was disappointed with this, questioning what he had done wrong for this to happen.


Unfortunately, this happens with everyone, a fat loss journey isn’t as simple as losing fat every week, and seeing the scales reduce week in, week out. If only it was that simple. The scales go down, the scales plateau and the scales will go up.

This is the week where many fall, they become disheartened and forget all of the amazing results they have done to get to this point, using Ross as an example, a loss of 7.8lbs last week. I had already prepared Ross for this day, so after his initial disappointment he picked himself up and we cracked on in the Personal Training area.

Whilst we were training, I asked Ross what he had been eating and drinking for the past few days, instantly the alarm bells began to ring with me and it all became very apparent as to why the scales may have gone up this week. Ross had not been eating enough fruit or veg. Let me explain as to why this is an issue – currently Ross is not eating any starchy carbohydrates which would usually provide him with plenty of dietary fibre. Now that we have removed the starchy carbohydrate = reduced dietary fibre, which can cause constipation, decreased and less frequent bowel movements. So to combat this, Ross must increase his cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale) in order to increase his daily dietary fibre intake. This is something Ross is actioning as of today! This will have huge positive impact on how Ross is feeling on a day to day basis and on the scales.

Personal Trainer top tip – If some of you are currently using a low carbohydrate nutrition plan, a good ‘go to’ guide for an amount of veg to consume per day is 500g/50kg of body weight. Give it a go, watch the scales drop down and let us know how you get on!!



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