A Journey with Impact, week 6.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m going to start this weeks blog off with a big WELL DONE! It was a very unexpected drop this week for Ross. I will let you know how much he lost this week later on.


I was a little concerned that perhaps Ross had fallen into the ‘less is more’ when it comes to his nutrition (not eating as much on a daily basis to help him lose extra weight). I asked Ross what he had been eating on an average day and to his credit he has been eating plenty! The last thing we want to do is slow his metabolism right down again through lack of eating.

As Ross is now noticeably losing fat, he is getting asked “how have you done it?”, “what diet are you on?”. His response to everyone so far – Worked my arse off and cut out the crap food. I don’t think I could summarise it any better than that. For those of you looking to start a fat loss journey, try cutting out all of the processed, high sugar junk food and get active!  TOP TIP – try using the outside perimeter in a supermarket, most of the ‘healthy’ options will be found there; fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and fish.

A typical non-training day of eating for Ross –


Breakfast –  4 Scrambled eggs cooked in butter and 100g mushrooms

Snack –  Handful of nuts (roughly 30-40g)

Lunch –  Salad and tuna (150-200g salad, 200g tuna)

Snack – Protein shake

Dinner – Chicken and vegetables (250g chicken, 200g green veg)

 Water – 3-4 litres per day (this has been increased to 4-5 in the hot weather)

You will notice that Ross is using a protein shake as a snack, this is limited to one per day, on training days it is used as a post workout shake and non training days it is used as a snack at any time Ross chooses. You will also notice that there are no starchy carbohydrates (such as potatoes and rice) in Ross’ meals at the minute, we are not anti carb here at Impact Personal Training, but there is a time and a place for them to be used. Ross isn’t very tolerant of carbs so I have decided to remove them for a short while until Ross’ tolerance levels have improved. This is gauged on a number of things such as sleep quality, performance in the gym, his daily behaviour and body fat levels. As with everything, there is no set rule for this and everybody can and will be different. This is where choosing the correct personal trainer for you will help you to achieve the fastest, safest, long term results.

So back to Ross’ weigh-in, he lost a massive 7.8lbs. that’s now a grand total of 32lbs in 6 weeks. As I mentioned last week, a steady 2-3 lbs is what we are looking for so we can maintain muscle mass, but as always there will always be the anomaly weeks when there are big losses, increases or staying the same.


Here is a picture of Ross with a pair of his trousers that he used to wear 6 weeks ago. Yes – JUST 6 weeks ago…






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