Training & Nutrition During Ramadan

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith Ramadan fast approaching I wanted to write an article on how to best eat and train during the Ramadan period. I can imagine there are plenty of people out their panicking that all of your hard work in the gym will be undone during this period.


You should almost certainly be able to maintain what you have achieved and some may even improve if you use the right strategy for your training and nutrition. Typically your nutrition doesn’t really have to change too much, it’s only the timings that will change.


The first part of the nutrition that I want to really drill home is your water, there is no reason why from breaking fast to closing fast that you cant still drink up to 3 liters – this is absolutely imperative to your bodies functioning so make sure it happens!


I would suggest opening your fast with a high protein and essential fats meal with plenty of cruciferous veg, this will be around 9:30pm I believe. Your second meal could consist of high protein and essential fats with some carbs (if you have trained after meal 1 and goal dependent) and then finally closing your fast with a high protein high fat meal. In between these meals I would perhaps add in a protein shake to increase protein intake. Obviously this scenario isn’t ideal for achieving your goals, but it should at the very least keep you on track with your goals and progression. Don’t use Ramadan as an excuse to regress!


The two best options for training in my opinion would be after breaking fast in the evening or just after closing fast. This should allow you to train with intensity still, I can’t see you breaking any PBs during Ramadan, but you will still be able to push hard and maintain what you have already achieved. Try and keep your sessions within 60 minutes and reduce the volume of the workout. The aim here is to try and maintain your current physique and prevent atrophy.

Take home points

  • Start drinking water ASAP after breaking fast
  • Stick with high protein (aim for easily digested proteins) meals
  • Optimal training times are post breaking fast or after your last meal
  • Don’t stress yourself out, you will be able to maintain your physique and still chase down your goals



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