[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ack when I first started wanting to add some muscle onto my frame, I would work my arse off in the gym Monday to Friday, week in and week out. Did I see any real progress?


Nope! Sure I put a bit of muscle on and got a little leaner, but nowhere near what I would call good progress from my current perspective.

So what was the problem? I went out and partied most weekends, drinking too much, not getting much sleep and not eating enough. And what I was eating was complete garbage. It wasn’t until I cut down the partying, began tracking my food on weekends to make sure I was still eating enough (no routine on a weekend so it always threw me off!) that I began to see some real results that I could be proud of. My goal being different to most people, I struggle to keep weight on. Believe me when I say this, as I know most will be thinking it, adding weight is just as hard as trying to loose it, ask any bodybuilder!


The point I’m trying to get across here is that I just wasn’t being consistent enough to yield good results and that will apply to most gym goers out there that are seeing little to no results. The cold hard truth of it is, YOU ARE NOT BEING CONSISTENT.


Let me break down what most of you are probably doing. Let’s assume person A requires 2500 calories per day to maintain their body weight. The goal is fat loss so we decide to reduce persons A’s daily calorie intake to 2100 calories. Monday to Friday person A nails his/her nutrition and creates a deficit of 2000 calories (awesome work, person A is now looking likely to loose fat). The weekend then lands….


All tracking or managing his/her nutrition has gone, a few beers down the pub followed by a pizza, and then “ah well, diet starts Monday” and the rest of the weekend follows suit. Person A has now more than likely consumed the 2000 calorie deficit created Monday to Friday and some more. Best-case scenario person A has maintained weight, worse case, GAINED weight.

How many of you does this ring true for?

I’m not saying that life should be miserable, and that you should be eating lettuce leaves (how boring!) for the rest of your life, but make yourself accountable and think about your consumption over the weekends as this is most likely the main thing holding you back from achieving your goals.


Learn how to eat healthily with foods that you ENJOY so that you feel amazing inside and out. It’s a great feeling!

Take home points:


  • Taking the weekend to do and eat what you want WILL stop your progress
  • Make yourself accountable
  • Stop making BS excuses and telling yourselves lies as to why you can’t achieve your goals, because you can if you are CONSISTENT



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