It’s OK to hate the gym

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve just finished up my last workout of the year, I hated every single second of it.


I literally hated it!

I wanted to call it a day early, but I didn’t.

The ONLY reason that I didn’t walk out of that gym half way through a set is because I have a reason WHY I’m doing it.

It’s not because I’m more dedicated than you, it’s not because I’m more committed than you but because I know WHY I’m there.

I’m in the gym because I have a goal that I want toachieve.

If you find yourself in the middle of a shit workout and you can’t think of a reason WHY you’re doing it. You should probably walk out and get thinking about that very reason.

That very reason WHY is going to keep you on track.

That very reason WHY will keep you working in the gym.

So before you contact me in the New Year asking for help, spend some time thinking about WHY you want help.

Not the BS reason of ‘I want to be healthy’. The real reason that will make you do the work required!


You don’t want your partner leaving you

It’s time to be the alpha male in the office

You want to be ‘that’ guy in the pub that everyone notices

You want more sex


THOSE are real reasons that will keep you in the gym and on track.


Because I really wanna help you out dude, I’m gonna give you some FREE tips to help you get started in 2016.

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Rich Gunter

Owner Impact Personal Training

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