Getting started – A how-to guide for you

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]etting yourself started with training and nutrition is tough, it really is! With an absolute minefield of information floating around, it’s hard to choose what would be best for you, especially with all of the social media ‘experts’ knocking around.


Well, today is your lucky day. I’m going to give you the basics in what YOU should be doing to get started. When starting out, nothing has to be complicated and that goes for both the training and nutrition. Don’t get basic confused with easy though J


First up – Nutrition


Now – if you are overweight and eat plenty of processed foods, fizzy drinks and takeaways. All you need to be doing is REDUCING the amount of processed foods, fizzy drinks you are having and replace them with healthier alternatives. No need to count calories, no points and no ‘sins’. Just tidy up your diet. This alone will create a deficit in your weekly intake of calories and to begin with this is all you need to do – seriously!


Only when your progress starts to slow down/stall will you need to be more specific with carbs/proteins and fats. But that’s a conversation for another day – lets get this started first, eh?


Water – drink it. No need to go straight up to the 2-3 litres per day, you’ll end up on the toilet more than at your desk. Build it up slowly over the course of a few weeks to let your body to adapt to the volume of water.


Weight loss shakes – you don’t need them and most of them are full of terrible ingredients anyhow. Food is king!


Next up – Training


Again, if you aren’t currently doing any exercise and have a sedentary job. Just get moving! Find something you enjoy and get going. If the gym is the choice of activity, be sure to pick a gym that has a good weights section (even you ladies!).


The most efficient way of dropping the weight and changing how you look is weights training, so don’t get caught up in the whole “30 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes bike and 10 minutes of ab training”.


NOTE: Ab training, if you can’t see them don’t bother wasting too much time training them just yet. You need to lose the weight first. Your time is precious, lets not waste it on something that won’t help you lose weight.


Weights training – keep it simple (you know I like to keep it simple). Build your routines around the big compound exercises (squats, leg press, deadlifts, step ups, chest press, shoulder press, pull ups). This will yield bigger calorie burning than the smaller exercises. If you’re not sure on how to do these exercises safely, get in touch with a fitness profession *ahem* 😉


Training frequency – to begin with, you will see great results from training 3 times per week (assuming that you put the effort in) and especially with your new tidied up eating!


Now, as progress slows/stalls you will have a choice to make. Train more frequently, or sharpen up your diet. No need to both at the same time here. Pick one, see the results happen and carry on.



Rest – Just as important as the training. Make sure you take proper rest days, if you’re training hard enough, you will be sore to begin with. It’s Ok, everyone will have this, but it gets better over time.



I hope this has somehow helped you to get going. The toughest part is starting. Keep it simple stupid and keep it consistent. Always remember WHY you are choosing to eat better and train. If you don’t know your ‘why’, I’d suggest you have a proper sit down and think about it, because this reason will keep you working hard in and out of the gym.


Good luck, and remember – if you have any problems. Get in touch!





Director – Impact Personal Training

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