I was at a stage where I wanted a change. I did not feel comfortable about myself. I did not want to look at the mirror because I knew I would be disappointed because of the way I looked.


After seeing my clothes sizes go up every few weeks I thought it was enough and a change was needed.

My biggest fear about joining was that I loved my food too much, in particular my desserts. I thought I could never change and would never see myself how I always envisaged. Moreover I thought the training and effort required would be too much for me. I was so wrong.

The first session was hard I thought I was out of my depth with training. However when I thought I couldn’t do an exercise I was not allowed to give in, Rich provided pure encouragement and belief to get me through.

Rich was amazing, his training was tailored to perfection, simple but effective. Rich is committed and inspirational and I can’t recommend him enough.

My first session was very hard but effective. I could barely walk after my session.

I am of the view I have exceeded my own expectations, with the assistance of Rich. From the first picture to now the results speak for themselves. My weight was decreasing each week and seeing the continuous results kept me motivated.  I feel great in my clothes now. I can now look in the mirror without fear. I cannot believe I have achieved the results that I have. Rich has been instrumental in me achieving my results.