I had always been fit and strong & pleased with the way my body looked before I became pregnant. I stayed as active as possible during pregnancy but inevitably I wasn’t as fit or strong & a little softer than I was before. I was keen to gain my strength, fitness and ultimately my body back after my little boy arrived, I knew this would take time and I wanted to do it safely. 

I contacted Impact knowing I would get a tailored programme including nutrition, home workouts, and most importantly support. 

I was excited about getting started and getting back ‘in the gym’ I’d missed it! Even though I’d been building back some strength and fitness at home, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do some exercises that I could before & that my caesarian scar would hurt and stop me for doing some things.

I had nothing to worry about, Sam was brilliant and so friendly. We talked through what I wanted to achieve & the plan of action. After a few measurements, we got straight into a workout – tough but achievable! I had unbelievable DOMS the next day & it felt great!

I am proud of what I have achieved in such a short space of time (10 weeks) – my fitness and strength are definitely back and I didn’t expect to be so close to pre-pregnancy shape after just 6 months.