Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

A Romanian deadlift can also be known as a straight leg deadlift. It emphasises a lot of tension on the hamstrings and requires you again to be know how to hip hinge properly. When performing a Romanian deadlift there should be no tension within your lower back, if this occurs then there is either:

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Ab Rollout

Ab rollouts are more advanced exercise can can give you an awesome option to add into your abdominal training once mastered. For this exercise you will need an ab wheel.

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Deadbug & Hanging Knee Raise

  1. Dead bugs:
  • Lay on your back with your arms fully extended towards the ceiling.
  • Bring your feet of the floor, and your knees into a 90-degree angle.
  • Squeeze your belly button into the floor so your lower back stays pressed into the floor.
  • From this starting position, we are going to extended one arm over our head, and extend the opposite leg away from our body.
  • Once one arm and one leg is fully extended, bring the two back to the starting positon and start the next rep with the opposite arm and leg.
  1. Hanging knee raise:
  • Start by hanging on a bar or rack, whichever is available to you as long as it is high enough to allow you to hang and not touch the floor.
  • Contract your abs and control your breathing so your body is stable and not swinging.
  • Lift your feet of the floor slightly so you are no longer touching and are in a full hanging position.
  • Drive your knees as far up into your chest as possible, as you get towards the top of the movement, your pelvis should tilt inwards slightly which will greater contract your abdominals.
  • In a controlled manor, allow your knees to come back down away from your chest into an extended position, try to not let your feet touch the floor.

If stability becomes an issue later on in the set as you start to fatigue, allow for your feet to slightly touch the floor after each rep to stop you from swinging, before going for the following repition.

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