Ab rollouts are more advanced exercise can can give you an awesome option to add into your abdominal training once mastered. For this exercise you will need an ab wheel.

  • Start on your knees with the ab wheel as close to your body as you can.
  • With your knees bent and the wheel on the floor, retract your scapula so your torso stays in a locked position.
  • Keeping the arms in a locked position throughout, allow the wheel to come forward and as far away as you can get it. A full stretch with the arms completely over the head is the end goal.
  • Once in a lengthened position, use your core to pull yourself back up to the start potion, keeping the wheel on the floor throughout.

On your first go of these its more than likely you wont be able to to reach full extension at the end of the movement. Extend as far as you can and over time gradually progress it to a longer stretch.