I knew I was overweight, I just didn’t realise how much, and how bad I looked. Looking back I was in terrible shape. I was weak, had no stamina and wore ill-fitting clothes. However, it was mostly curiosity that made me start training at Impact.


Food was probably my biggest fear, or lack of it. I wasn’t worried about the training, as I knew I’d enjoy that side of it. I was worried I’d be hungry or be told to eat bland tasteless food.


The food was easy! I was never hungry, in fact on most days I struggled to eat what was required. Plus I was enjoying new and interesting things I’d never tried before. Quick, easy, nutritious meals that were simple to make and stick to. The training on the other hand was hard. At times I felt physically sick but the results I was achieving and the encouragement of my coach, Rich, pushed me on.


I transformed my body from around 24% body fat to 12% in around 20 weeks. A total weight loss of 9kg. The before and after pictures showed much better posture and definition. I felt great.


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