Before starting with impact I had let myself go completely. April 2015 I ran a marathon. April 2016 I had trouble running upstairs. I had an injury and never got back into running and started piling on the weight. I was a member of a gym but never really made the most of my time and my diet needed an overhaul. My daughter was running me around and I was constantly out of breath something needed to change.  I thought physically I looked OK but when I saw a photo of me during the summer that was it I got a kick up the arse to sort it out


My biggest fear about joining was would I be able to stick to it. Would it be lettuce leaves and long runs and massive amounts of cardio to get the weight off. Would I even get along with the trainer and would it be fun. I was expecting gruelling sessions that meant I wasn’t going to be able to move for a week. I had seen the pt’s at a local gym I go to and they never seemed to have much interest in their client


It was nothing like I had expected. We sat down discussed my goals and began putting a meal plan together, thankfully not lettuce leaves but a very easy diet that had been simple to stick to. As I had access to a gym he put together a workout plan too. Meeting my coach was awesome he made me feel like whatever goal we set would be achievable, it helps that he is a top guy too and very easy to get along with.  Seeing the trainer get as excited as you do losing the first few pounds gives you the energy to do more. During the first session we hit some weights to find my limits and then set up the next session. Once it was over I was buzzing I couldn’t wait to get back.


After the initial few weeks I could start to see results my waistline got smaller and the weight started coming off after 13 weeks I had lost 2 stone, 2 years later I am still 2 stone lighter but have more muscle definition and look a 100 times better. The last set of pictures taken I just couldn’t believe the difference, I couldn’t believe it was me!!  Impact gave me the knowledge to carry on and keep improving, it is now a way of life, the mental awareness of what you eat and how you train just becomes part of everyday life.  Joining up with the team at Impact has to have been one of the best delicious I ever made.