Before starting my weight loss journey I wasn’t in a good place, my health was deteriorating rapidly. My business is called FPM and I knew many people joked behind my back that it stood for Fat Pete McIntyre.


I hated having my picture taken had to go to ‘special shops’ to get my clothes before starting at Impact. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I physically couldn’t do a lot and struggled to walk very far.

My tipping point was in Feb 16th 2015. I was fishing on my mate’s boat in Poole. At the end of the day one the other lads had to lift me off the boat as my ankle and knees were shot. I was with a friend who had recently had a stroke so he could not drive us home, so I attempted to drive. It was a struggle so on the M27 I pulled over to a McDonalds’ and told him to go in. I needed some time on my own. He gave me half an hour then we set off, by the time I left the M3 I had made my mind up that I am not next to have a stroke!

So I gave myself a few weeks to make a plan and on the 13th March 2015 I set off on my journey.


Before starting at Impact I thought I would look stupid as all the people were all fit looking and I was the fat one. I knew it was going to be hard but I had spent the 5 previous months doing my own thing and had done well but it was mostly a food thing with little exercise.

The first session was hard but I knew I needed to do this so booked 20 sessions to start but after 5 sessions I was in the swing of it. Justin my coach put me at ease and I felt confident under his care.

Since then, I’ve lots of weight and can’t wait to continue my journey. I can now get on a bike on a Sunday and ride 100 miles in just over 5 hours. I completed the London to Surry 100 in July with a respectable time.


(Pete with his wife Martina in his original trousers)

I walked 7 ½ miles in just under two hours in Ireland recently and I am cycling from Luton to Poole in a few weeks (155 miles)

Between Impact and myself I am now a 36 inch trouser instead of 54 inch, my fitness is amazing and I have made many new friends. I can go to London on Bond Street and buy nice clothes (no more ‘special shops’ for me!)


I feel $1M and I am already planning my winter training both at Impact and my cycling. Hoping to go to fit camp in the New Year training in Lanzarote. I have also entered some cycling events for 2017

I love my progress pictures now but don’t really do the mirror thing……yet!”