Mentally I was in a better place after therapy for over 1 year to help deal with depression and my diagnosis of colitis, however I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I would say my confidence was very low and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, often trying to make excuses for why I looked the way I looked. I have always had the desire to get into better shape but never had the willpower or knowledge to get started. The tipping point for me was hitting the over 16 stone and having a lot of my clothes feel very tight and uncomfortable.


My biggest fear, could I do it and would I see it through. I have only ever had PT once before and it didn’t really work. Felt like a waste of money and I didn’t commit to it. I was worried about not fitting in (hence why I kept so quiet in the morning sessions for so long) I feared it would be very ego driven with a lot of people in great shape and make me feel more self-conscious than I wanted too.


I just wanted to put my head down and focus on my own training for the first few weeks which is why I was so quiet. I didn’t know anyone else and with my confidence being very low I found the idea very daunting. Once I had met with Connor I felt happier about what the PT side involved and was really happy to hear that I would be supplied a meal plan as I didn’t want to have to think about the nutrition side of things when I started. I just wanted to focus on getting up, sticking with it and training as hard as I could. The first few sessions were really each of us getting used to how the other works and wants to train. Connor understands now that I like the feeling of being pushed by the end of the session. I want to feel like I have trained and if I don’t feel that I get disappointed. It hasn’t happened often as I tend to really try and push.


I feel my confidence has increased, after the first set of pictures I was hoping to see a bigger change and did share that with the team. I remember being told that you can see a difference and thinking to myself I have to believe them as they see it all day every day. I naturally have very little patience which is very dangerous when starting out on this type of journey as it’s so important to keep perspective and consistency to then be able to see the changes. I also started understanding more about the nutrition side and taking responsibility for my own meals and what I ate. This has been aided by using my fitness pal as a guide. I only input my steps rather than my training so I always know I have a little more but still try to maintain a deficit.


The results I saw in my last set of pictures have really helped. I wasn’t sure of the progress I was making as it’s so small from day to day. You know when you have to buy new clothes that you are making a difference but the pictures help visualize it. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference within 5 months. Everyone who I see, that hasn’t seen me in this time, can’t believe the change. I feel healthier, sexier, more confident and genuinely happier in myself. It was important I got my head straight when dealing with my colitis and depression but now my body is in a better place I can’t wait to see what I can achieve by Christmas.


I have lost a total of over 15kg and inches from my waist and hips. My reflection looks easier on the eye but as mentioned I am determined to keep going and see what I can look like. My wife who I have been with for over 16 years says I am in the best shape she has ever seen me in. I hit 40 in a couple of year’s time and I want to be in the best shape to set a good example to my daughter and everyone else that it can be done. Working 60 hours a week isn’t an excuse, being a Dad isn’t an excuse, not having the money isn’t an excuse. There is never a suitable excuse.


This mentality is how I have been IMPACTED!!