Before I started at Impact I had spent years trying to lose weight and get in shape. People often said I looked great and shouldn’t be on   my beer consumption and bad habits which had creapt into my life after a serious foot injury. All I could see when I looked in the mirror was man boobs and a beer belly . Realisation set in as I turned 55 things had to change before it was to late.


Contacting Impact was the best thing I have ever done. Any fears I had were quickly put to bed by Richard and his team right from day one. I thought it was out of my league even contemplating going to a personal training gym, boy was I wrong.


Every aspect of training is looked after with all the advise you will need to meet your own personal goals. Diet, programmed weight training, progression photos, weigh ins, and the help from all the trainers is second to none.


In 6 months I have achieved all my goals and lost all my bad habits, lost 3 and a half stone and getting fitter day by day.


Looking in the mirror now I see the man I used to be 25 years ago only with grey hair.

Man booobs and beer belly have gone but more importantly I see a better future.


Thank You IMPACT.