Before Starting at Impact I was not happy with my body shape and also had a problem with my food addiction to takeaway meals. I had been running and cycling a lot but without impact to my weight. The breaking point was when my kids one day told me “dad you are really  FAT”, then I started thinking what should be done and how and then I found Impact.

I had never tried a gym before and never had a contact with personal trainer, however I have seen their results and that convinced me to sign up.

The atmosphere was friendly from beginning and if I had a question about anything no one left me without an answer. Training with a whole group of people like me helps a lot. Every PT was very professional and competent.

I feel great now. I have never been fitter before. I keep training and I am no longer in fear of the gym. The only downside I have about starting at Impact? I had to to change all my clothes 🙂