Before I started at Impact transformation I felt OK but knew I was heavier than I should be, close to the heaviest I’d ever been.  I wasn’t proud  or motivation to do anything about it.

I booked to go skiing, and whilst I knew that winter clothing can cover a multitude of sins, I wanted to be fitter and stronger, and hey if I achieved that then surely the weight would improve.

I joined Impact having followed Richards’ blogs, I knew he was serious but that’s exactly what I needed.  Although they preach that motivation has to come from you, I like the approach of accountability, and someone who does what they do best – plans your nutrition and training sessions, and can answer any issues you have.
So I committed, the start of a journey that I was going to try and enjoy.  All I had to do was get to the door in my gym kit and follow the nutrition plan.
It was more than that, yes the first few weeks were tough in the gym, but I couldn’t help but feel part of a group that were so brilliant in many different ways.  I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and the training sessions are  now enjoyable.  I like the PT’s approach with the right mix of support and drive to make it all worth while.  The joy of finishing a Monday training session still remains.
Soon enough, after about 4 weeks I noticed the results and the weight was steadily coming off.
I feel better – stronger, healthier, fitter.  I look better – lost 2” from the waist and my body shape has improved.
Now my goals have changed, I now realise good nutrition and proper exercise needs to be in my life.
The weight loss is no longer my priority, but Impact have given me the tools to do this.  I’ve lost 10 lbs in 10 weeks, all at quite a steady pace.  I did have some bad days (don’t we all) but  over the week you come out the winner.
I’ve been transformed !!