I’ve never been particularly over weight but like most women suffer with the dreaded muffin top, only this muffin was rising fast! Having had several operations around my lower abdomen had also meant I’d lost all ability to engage my core muscles inevitably having a negative effect on my lower back.

The thing I thought I hated most about my reflection was my stomach, however, catching a side glimpse of my back, and seeing flab around this area was when I decided I needed to do something. I do generally class myself as an active person but always found after a couple of weeks of starting an exercise routine I’d injure myself, mainly because of my back and neck issues. So after being recommended Impact I went along to see Rich for an ‘informal chat’ to see what they could do for me… and signed up before I had time to talk myself out of it.

One of my biggest fears was other people within the gym watching me and I’m not going to lie I found the first couple of sessions a bit daunting. However, I quickly realised that everyone is there for the same reason, just with different end goals and I quickly got over this fear.


My first session was quite scary but my trainer Sam was fantastic, she certainly had her work cut out with me, a unhealthy food lover, full time mum, part time lazy oaf IT worker, more injuries and problems than I care to list who hated exercise and refused point blank to join a gym. But she worked with all of this and quickly devised an easy to follow eating plan fit around my lifestyle and a home training plan which I only had to purchase a few key items for. I was amazed to find out I wasn’t eating enough….


I think the biggest advantage for me was being accountable to someone. Knowing you are tracking everything and your trainer can see it, and having weekly / fortnightly weighins and measurements taken really helped me to keep on track. I kept in regular contact with Sam between sessions and it really helped knowing that she was there.

Everyone at team Impact is very welcoming and friendly, some a little crazy but so much fun, the banter helps keep the atmosphere relaxed.


After my first 12 weeks I was stunned by my photos, (and this included 3 weeks off for a holiday to the US). I knew my body had changed as I’d dropped a dress size and was fast running out of clothes that fit but I didn’t expect the difference to be that much.


I also found that my headaches stopped, clearly a result of eating at regular intervals throughout the day coupled with the 2-3 litres of water. I am also fitter, which I’ve found when tackling Barton springs hills, I’ve never been able to make it to the top without stopping… can now.

If you’d asked me a year ago I’d never have believed I could achieve this. I love my food and absolutely hate exercise, I’m never going to be GI Jane but with my change in body shape my confidence has improved and my newly learnt nutritional skills enable me to make much better choices but still enjoy life.