The final straw for me was when I felt I was struggling to do everyday things like put socks on, walk up and down stairs. Looking in the mirror was painful. At this point I contacted Rich at Impact for an initial consultation.


The biggest thing for me before starting was I felt it was too late, no point, I’d never change… I genuinely was at the point where I was going to accept how I looked and even though it made me very unhappy, I was still almost willing to just except it.

The first session was very hard, first time I’d trained in over 2 years I think and I’d never really lifted weights before so it was all very new and being so unfit, it was a struggle. Although it was tough, I enjoyed it and my trainer (Rich) was great and made me feel as relaxed as possible.


My achievements have been positive, although I have taken a few steps back recently, which is all down to myself and not the training. I lost 4.5 stone in 6 months and dropped 2 clothes sizes but physically became stronger and fitter. Much more positive towards most aspects of life and certainly more educated towards food, training and lifestyle.

Even though I put weight back on, I’m going back to training until I hit my goal. I’ve come to terms it will now take longer to achieve but in the past when I’ve “fallen off the wagon” I never go back to training and usually put more weight on than when I started. This time is a first…. I’m back and still have an end goal 🙂


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