Impact Yoga

Spring 2019 welcomes the launch of the Impact PT Wellbeing suite which includes our NEW boutique style yoga studio – open to everyone right in the heart of Luton! You may be wondering why a specialist transformation personal training business has opened it’s very own in-house yoga studio. The answer is very simple, we get that a complete transformation is in body and mind and that our clients are busy and stressed. There is simply no better way to unwind than utilising yoga in a beautiful stress free environment.

Is Impact yoga for you?

A unique space designed for the complete beginner to experienced yogi, our small classes are designed to provide you with the attention you need to work your body and relax your mind so that you can unwind and de-stress from your day to day life whilst giving your body a great workout.

Instructional Yoga

One of life’s best kept secrets is that there is a style of yoga to suit everybody. And we mean EVERY BODY. From those that cannot touch their toes to those that can stand on their hands, here at Impact our objective is to find the right class for you so you can enjoy all of the benefits a regular yoga practice has to offer and all within a private, beautiful boutique studio to help you feel at ease.

What are the benefits of yoga?

The TOP THREE benefits of yoga here at Impact are in addition to the obvious benefits of increased flexibility, strength and posture. Did you know that yoga can:

  1. Significantly reduce stress

Any yoga practice should focus on movement, breath and meditation. Those who regularly practice these three elements of yoga are better able to regulate their heart rate variability (HRV) which generally means their heart rate is lower, giving the body the ability to respond to stress in a more flexible way.

2. Increase your breath awareness 

‘Breathe better live longer’ is a term often referred to in yogic philosophy. Reducing the pace of your breathing is directly linked to a longer lifespan. Being able to breathe fully can help us tap into our parasympathetic nervous system which is a state of calm; or rest and digest – whenever we need to. In the world in which we live, without realising it most of us frequent our sympathetic nervous system which leaves us in fight or flight mode and at risk of anxiety, stress and sickness.

Exhale away your daily stresses

3. Make you happy

Adding yoga to your weekly routine can make you an emotionally stronger and happier person as you increase your serotonin levels (the happiness hormone). The science behind yoga is overwhelming and studies show that yoga has the power to change the chemistry in your brain to improve your mood – what is not to love about that?!

We would love you to join us at Impact for a class sometime and feel these benefits for yourself. Have a look at our class schedule and book yourself in today.