Personal Training For Women

You’re feeling ready to make a change so you join the local gym. Not knowing what you need to really do when you’re there…So you decide to simply go on the treadmill for 30 minutes, the X-trainer for 20 minutes and then do the plank and some ab crunches that you’ve seen in your favourite magazine. You avoid the weights area because it looks intimidating.

A few weeks pass by, and nothing is happening. Your dress still feels tight, the scales haven’t moved and you’re still frustrated.

You join the local slimming club, it works. For the first few weeks you lose a few lbs, you’re making progress until you have a night out. It throws you off, you’re back to eating ‘normal’ foods instead of the ‘special’ slimming club foods and the weight you lost is now back on.

You give up, confused and pissed off!

Does this sound familiar?

If so, continue reading…

Weight loss does not need to be complicated. The process is in fact very simple. At Impact we work with a super simple system that helps our female clients achieve their targets and become happier, healthier and bring back their lost confidence.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be about eating just salad leaves, counting points or avoiding ‘sin’ foods. You can still enjoy a glass of Prosecco and even a chocolate bar if you know how and that’s what we teach you so that you can still have a social life whilst working towards your targets.


When working with us at Impact in our private training facility, you will be in a friendly environment that you will feel safe in and unjudged. You will be shown how to weight train so that you can shape and tone your body whilst losing weight.

You don’t have to continue on the same hamster wheel.

If nothing changes. Nothing changes.

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