get fit quick guide

Your Progress Starts Right Here, Today!

Right now you’re currently going to the gym, spending 2-3 hours per week getting frustrated and nowhere OR you’ve never been to the gym before and have no idea what to do! 

Thankfully all of the information below is going to structure your week, guide your nutrition and keep you accountable! Within just 4 weeks you’ll see and feel the difference!

The first thing that you need to address that will improve your energy, mood and of course performance; your nutrition. 

Use this simple calculator to work out a calorie target for you to work to.


[calculator sum=26 title=’Impact Calorie Calculator’ text=’Enter your weight below’]

Now that you know how many calories you should be roughly consuming. You could use a sample plan that is outlined below. Pick the plan that closest matches your calories.

Nutrition sorted, the next step for you is your exercise! I have planned 3 workouts for you to use; 2 gym workouts and 1 home workout.  The gym workouts will take you no more than 40 minutes to complete and the home one just 20-25 minutes! 


Don’t worry if you’ve never used a gym before, I’ve recorded each workout so that you can see exactly how to perform each exercise 🙂 

Click on the picture below do download your printable 4 week plan and get started today!

NB: You will notice on the workout plans there are numbers and letters before the name of each exercise like so; A1, A2 etc. Every exercise that has the same letter in front indicates that they should all be performed without a break. For example: in Gym workout one there is A1, A2. Perform both of these before taking your 120s break.

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Good luck and remember; if you have any problems at all just drop me an email directly rich@impact-pt-live.local and I’ll be happy to help out 🙂