[jobrole]Founder, Director[/jobrole]

My love for Personal Training began in 2008, 18 months after I had graduated from university. You see, I had studied sports therapy at uni and quickly began to realise that doing manual therapy full time, was tough on the body, really tough. So I decided to accompany therapy with Personal Training.

I very quickly fell in love with Personal Training far more than therapy, so off I went into full time PT. I loved (and still do) the transformations that happen to my clients. For me, it’s not the physical transformations that blows me away. Yes, they are very cool to look at, but for me? It’s what happens to a client when they ‘transform’. It’s their positive attitude towards life, it’s their happiness having achieved a goal they never thought possible, it’s the confidence it brings < that is what makes everything worthwhile.

People often ask me what I do for a living. My response is always “I help guys in their 30’s and 40’s drop a few stone and regain their lost confidence from their 20’s.”

Favourite film: Man On Fire (or pretty much anything with Denzel).
Hobbies: I’m a big fan of coffee and checking out local independent coffee shops (does that count?). I’m also a big into my cars and I went indoor rock climbing a few weeks back, maybe that’ll become a hobby.
Favourite exercise: Deadlifts.
Least favourite exercise: Ab crunches/sit ups.
One place you want to visit: America.
Favourite meal: A good quality cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.