[jobrole]Impact Trainer[/jobrole]

At the age of 16 I originally wanted to be a police officer, but after a year police cadets I just didn’t enjoy it. Taking a leap of faith into personal training was one of the best decisions I made as I love it. It’s become more of a lifestyle than a job.

I like to make clients goals the main priority whilst keeping each one of their lifestyles balanced and happy inside and out of the gym. I believe each individual can reach their goal with a bit of determination and smart training, whether its strength training or intense circuit training.


Favourite Film?  American Sniper

Favourite exercise?  Deadlift

Least favourite exercise?  Bench Press

If you had one place to visit?  Los Angeles

Favourite Food? Pepperoni Pizza

Hobbies?  A big hobby of mine was football, played non stop for a good 11-12 years which I hope to get back into at some point