[jobrole]General Manager[/jobrole]

I’ve been front of house and running the office at Impact since we opened. Taking care of reception duties, admin and most importantly for us as a small business, our customer service. As a lot of our clients will tell you I love to chat :).

I aim to provide a welcoming, friendly and professional environment for all of our clients and visitors.

I love watching our clients progress not only physically but mentally too – the gym is a great escape to focus on you. I also love to see how the business evolves, to reflect on how far we’ve come and look toward the future.


Favourite Film?  Dirty Dancing

Favourite exercise?  Deadlifts and anything Legs

Least favourite exercise?  Abs

If you had one place to visit?  India (my nanny was Indian)

Favourite Food? Everything… especially Sainsbury’s milk chocolate bakery cookies 🍪

Hobbies?  Visiting stately homes and gardens, drinking coffee, eating cakes and training the cakes and cookies off! Haha! 🌸☕️🍰