[jobrole]Impact Trainer[/jobrole]

At 16, I passed my qualifications and began coaching the youth football teams for the club I was playing for; I absolutely loved it!  The buzz I got overseeing the boys growth, becoming more engaged week-on-week excited me the most.  Alongside this, I was working for a sports disability charity based in Stoke Mandeville at their sports camps to help get children be more involved in disability sports, I learnt early how much I enjoyed making people feel better about themselves and grow.


Fast forward a few years when the chance to become a Personal Trainer was offered to me, it was hard to resist. I see PT role as not just an opportunity to get someone fitter, stronger, more efficiently moving or healthier; but as a way to really help teach a client the tools they need to take back control of their lives! To manage stress and fail; using them as an opportunity for learning. To build a new found confidence in who they and most importantly enjoying life, we do only live once remember!


Favourite Film: The Usual Suspects or Fight Club

Hobbies: Playing Sports ,Gigs, Watching Sports, Festivals, Crossfit, did I mention anything about Sports?

Favourite Exercise: Box Jumps

Least Favourite Exercise: Snatches

One Place I’d Like to Visit: Japan

Favourite Meal: A proper Irish Fry Up, quite rare these days but soooooo worth it!!!!!