Mick C

Before starting with Impact I Felt very overweight and always lethargic. I Had been trying running on and off for a couple of years but never really made any progress. Felt embarrassed about my appearance and my clothes sizes had started to go up and up.

From the very start everyone (staff and other clients) seemed really friendly and enthusiastic and there were other people there with a waste line like mine working away with their PT’s. First session felt great, being introduced to the vast range of equipment and being taught how to use the correct form and techniques (not something I had been properly shown before at my current gym).

Since I joined Impact I’ve dropped over 2 1/2 stone in 6 months, lost 23cm off my waste, my big belly is almost gone and there are actually signs of some abs appearing! I’ve gone from XL to medium tops, 17 1/2 inch shirt collar down to 15 inch slim fit! So no longer look like a dart player on a night out. With the nutrition and hydration advice I feel much more alert and stronger. I’ve also started to practice yoga at Impact and gents you should really give it a go, it’s a great way to increase mobility and the concentration on breath and movement really helps you focus on your strength training too- trust me, one session and you will be back for more!!