I first heard about Impact when I saw a friend of mine post up some of her transformation pictures on Facebook and was amazed to see how far she had come and confident she was in posting them up.


I was at a stage in my life where I wasn’t very confident in my own body at all and was even stopping me going out as often as I might like as I was constantly buying new clothes ( bigger ones ) and just wasn’t happy at all.

My wife and I were also in the process of adopting and getting ready to start our own family and I didn’t want to be the fat dad who couldn’t keep up with his kids so was very important to me I sorted myself out.

I had always been active and played lots of sport but it was getting to a stage now that I couldn’t compete as well as I wanted to as my Physique/fitness levels where letting me down massively and I was the heaviest I have ever been so I decided I needed to do something about it.

I converted my garage in to an all singing/dancing gym and you guessed it I never used it so was time to make the call.


Not going to lie I was very nervous when I made the call get to get started at impact as when looking them up on line all the trainers looked like models and  they had bodies that looked like they had been carved out by the gods themselves and where just about to enter Miss World or Mr universe so I wasn’t sure at all what to expect on my first visit.


I couldn’t have been more wrong and was soon put to ease as I walked through the door when greeted with a warm smile on reception by Gemma and made to feel very comfortable.

I have been in many gyms over the years and tried out various get fit quick programmes ( that never worked )  but I have to say Impact is by far the most professional set up and the trainers are a class apart.

Every single one of them goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and seem genuinely keen on wanting to help you achieve all your goals, you are almost welcomed in as part of the family from day one and although you had a trainer running each session you would find that the others that had finished and due to go home would come in and shout some advice or hand out some needed banter to push you along.

I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough they truly are good at what they do and seem to get enjoyment out of seeing us hit our goals.


I have always played team sports so I enjoy the group environment so I went for the transformation group.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the group was brilliant and we all bonded very quickly, there was people from all walks of life and was great getting to know everyone.

I soon started to pair up with someone of a similar ability and we pushed each other every session and enjoyed keeping a track in the books and seeing the weights go up and up and the pounds come down and down.


The first session was so tough I threw up at the end of it but I absolutely loved it.


One of my biggest fears was the diet as I LOVE my food and this has always been my downfall.

Richard provided a brilliant faultless nutrition book also and it just made the diet side of it so easy to follow, his no nonsense blunt approach of its simple put less calories in and train and you will lose weight simply just worked for me, there was weekly weigh ins and nutrition talks which kept me on track and I think this accountability for me was a big part of my success to succeeding in what I wanted, I personally needed to be held accountable for my weekly progress as I’ve been known to slip of course in the past but I was never pushed or felt that I was being frowned upon even if I had a week where I might not have lost what I wanted, they just gave advice and looked at what personally worked for me and I couldn’t fault them at all.


I found that when I ate properly ( as per the book ) I was eating more than I ever had and I was always full but I was losing weight every week.

I started at 16.6 and always had my target of 14  in my head, within 3 months I was down to 14.11 and back in to my all old clothes that had been sitting in my wardrobe for years and I couldn’t have been happier, all my friends and family were commenting on how good I looked and how happy I seemed.

My cricket nets have started and I feel fitter than ever and looking forward to getting going this year instead of hiding away in the slip cordon as I couldn’t run around the field last year.

Although I am still a way off my targets I set I am well on track now with all the knowledge gained from Impact to hitting them soon and now I understand the art of eating healthier it will be a lot easier for me.