Before Starting with Impact I felt at a really low point and found I could not pick myself up. I was looking at a very unhealthy, over weight and unhappy person staring back looking old and frumpy and always thinking let’s do something about and start fresh tomorrow. To be honest I didn’t want to look in the mirror. I did a lot of walking which I enjoy but started with good intentions to watch my eating and do other exercise.


The turning point for me was being so low, unhappy with life in general and not wanting to do anything. Fed-up with having to wear the same clothes to cover up the lumps and bumps. My daughter encouraging me that life could be better if I made the first move towards changing my life and being move active.. Wanting some life and feel happy with myself so I had to take that first Step……….



I was scared of not being strong enough and feeling out of place and worried about not fitting in and the idea of my photos being taken and it showing me the reality of the problem. I thought it would be full of people that knew it all and looked great in the sportswear and wanting to do their own thing.



I could not have been more wrong. You become part of the group very quickly, everyone offered encouragement and joined as one team. No-one made me feel different in anyway.


The Impact team are very friendly and supportive. I like the way they care that you are doing the exercise correctly. They push you but in a good way which means you get to know what you can actually achieve.


My first session I was suffering with a chest infection and was having some issues but the trainer took this into account. I still did the class but had to just change some of the exercises to be able to continue. I was very glad I pushed through my first session and went home feeling proud of myself – Looking forward to the next session.



I’ve achieved so much – my body shape has changed and I love how I look and feel.  It’s changed my out look to life, happier, healthier and made some friends along the way. I remember I was so looking forward to having the photo taken the second time so I could see the results as I knew how much weight I had lost (17 & half pounds). But when I got the measurements also I was over the moon. It was worth every moment and I continue to enjoy the hard work in the sessions. These days I can look in the mirror without a question except for what shall I wear today as I have so much more choice – getting rid of my size 14 & 16 clothes and wearing things that show off my new shape. Looking forward to a shapely summer – a first in many years. Thanks to all at Impact