I went through a period where I simply wasn’t doing enough activity. I had just become a father and wasn’t able to manage my time as I would have liked. The tipping point for me was when I was having a clear out. I was having to get rid off my favorite jeans!…..they were a 32” waist. I was an awful 36”!!!!


I had zero expectation. My only thought was, I MUST do this for myself. I had never been overweight, so felt slightly embarrassed having to admit it to Rich. Like I was going back to School!


From day one, it was agony, every session was painful. The first week or so I felt like giving up multiple times. Once you get over that first week, you start looking forward to your session. Every session is different and great fun……I even got to have my own music playlist!


Richard is incredible. Always available to talk and give advice. He pushes you further than you think and delivers exceptional results. I couldn’t have asked for a more committed coach.


More than anything I have learnt how to control my diet and how mental attitude is key. I’m not entirely happy with my body, but I get into 32” Jeans. I understand what is needed and know what I need to do to get down to my target weight.


Thank you to all at IMPACT!