Before I joined Impact I was already attending the gym 3 times a week doing weight training. I felt good about training, however I would never feel like my body was going through any of the changing at all, and my body fat ended up increasing instead of the lean muscle gains which I was wanting. After doing this for some time I felt it was time to get some structure into my training, and subsequently decided to give Impact a go.


My biggest fear about starting/joining was having the time during the week to fit in the training and dieting with my lifestyle. Running a business that operates 7 days a week takes up a lot of time.


The first session at Impact was excellent. After being introduced to everyone and having a tour of the training facility with the lovely Gemma, I had an initial consultation with Rich who took the time to listen to what my goals were, my likes and dislikes, and how we could implement a training and diet programme that would fit into my lifestyle. He then introduced me to Sam Pretty who has been my PT since my time at Impact who on my first training session took me through the detailed programme she had put together for me. The great thing about the training and diet plan was how manageable it was, and how it provided various options for food rather than having to eat the same things on a daily basis. Sam takes the time to get know you as a person as well, and takes a genuine interest in your hobbies and lifestyle, and is always on call by email/phone if you have any questions, even outside of normal working hours!


Having started in January 2018, my goal was to shred as much body fat as possible whilst building some lean muscle without losing to much size. As of today I feel I am well on my way to achieving this thanks to Sam and the team at Impact. I feel so much better about myself when I look in the mirror, and the confidence this has brought me reflects in everything else that I do whether I am out with friends, at work or on holiday.